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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Does Haiku need a dedicated box?

I recently commented on the Haiku forums in response to what ptrlsn commented in the Haiku General Discussions section. The original post was about macsociety talking about his new Zotac Zbox+ he had recently purchased! Below is what I commented on macsociety post. "Haiku needs its own box to run in (Like the Be Box) that is 100 percent compatible with Haiku. I think Haiku Inc. should start work on this project or sanction a third party OEM to do this. A Haiku Inc. subsidiary would work nicely, but I don't know how a for profit subsidiary of Haiku Inc. would affect its tax exempt status? Any ideas?

I think whatever may come of this idea, there should be at least three lines of this box. Sort of like System 76's offerings that range from low power cheaper ones to the fastest and beefiest box possible! My mouth is watering with anticipation! lol A dedicated machine running Haiku will mitigate any compatibility issues Haiku may or may not have with modern PC hardware. Haiku could have a customized build just for the "Haiku Box" for better integration with the hardware and for better performance! A portion of the profits could then be used to hire more full time developers to work on improving Haiku and to get ready for R2! With a dedicated machine paying for future Haiku development, more people will want to develop programs for Haiku and/or work directly on Haiku itself!

All of this will help to create a viable Haiku ecosystem where users and developers will benefit! Can you imagine Mac OS X having ever taken off without the Mac? Maybe some of you will think so, but I think the OS is dependent on the hardware and vice versa! Agree or not, I think Haiku will benefit greatly by having a dedicated machine on which to run." There you have it. Do you think Haiku needs a "Haiku Box"? As for me, I think so. Let me know what you think by posting a comment. http://www.haiku-os.org/community/forum/finally_have_my_little_haikubox_zotac_zbox

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